We connect current athletes with former collegiate and professional athletes to provide assistance with leadership and personal development.

How does the GCF Virtual Mentorship Program work?


GCF has partnered with the powerful third-party mentoring software platform, MentorCity, to provide free online mentoring for current and former athletes. At different stages of your life, you will need advice on diverse topics, depending on your career path. At other times, you may be perfectly positioned to help someone else by sharing your expertise and experience. MentorCity creates a community that enables these mentoring give-and-take relationships.

The website matches mentees to mentors based on your selected interest  including sport/positions, gender, career aspirations, and more. Use the MentorCity link at the bottom of the page to create your profile with MentorCity and start matching with potential mentors/mentees.

Steps to signing up for our virtual mentorship program: 

  • Click on the button below to be transferred to the Mentor City Website.
  • Register for Mentor City.
  • Create your Mentor City profile as a mentor or mentee.
  • Get matched with your mentor.
  • Download the Mentor City App here after registering.

Benefits of the GCF Virtual Mentorship Program

Many of our Game Changers benefited from having mentors to help them along their journey. Our mentorship program focuses on establishing supportive relationships between athletes and business leaders to create positive long term outcomes. For athletes who struggle with academics, time management, or character issues having a mentor who holds them accountable can make all the difference. 

Benefits of the the GCF Virtual Mentorship program includes:

  • The opportunity for both mentee and mentors to learn from one another’s experience.
  • An opportunity to share knowledge among other current and former athletes
  • Impact on individual’s skill, ability, and career direction
  • Build networking opportunities
  • Increase your confidence and leadership skills
  • Gain professional development opportunities to enhance your career
  • Assistance with Career Transitioning
  • Connect with top business leaders for guidance on financial literacy, personal branding, tutoring, and more.

Studys show that having a mentor can lead to lower dropout rates, increased confidence, and more. Mentors are required to connect with their mentees at least once a month. 

"The work we’ve done during our sessions have resulted in noticeable positive changes in my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend the Game Changers Foundation for your athletes."

Give Back

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