Partner high school athletes with former professional athletes to provide guidance and assist with leadership skills and development.

Ongoing Mentorship

Many of our game changers benefited from having mentors to help them along thier journey. Our mentorship program focuses on establishing supportive relatioships between current and former athletes to create positive long term outcomes. For athletes who have struggles with grades, attendance, or character issues having an adult mentor who keeps in constant contact with them can make all the difference. 

Studys show that having a mentor can lead to lower dropout rates and increased confidence. Mentors will be required to connect with their mentees at least once a month. 



Gain the tools you need to succeed, no matter what season. Our workshops provide valuable knowledge, as well as leadership and professional development training to take you, and your game, to the next level. Our workshops are held monthly, and are a space where former pros guide and engage with younger student-athletes in their own communities. Part of our workshop model is leaning into discovery: hosting interviews with student athletes and their coaches, and garnering feedback on their concerns and ideas allow us to shape our workshops to really meet the needs of today's players.

"The work we’ve done during our sessions have resulted in noticeable positive changes in my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend the Game Changers Foundation for your athletes."

Give Back

We provide networking opportunities, youth mentorship, and leadership workshops for former and current athletes. Your contributions help us increase our impact on the community.


Game Changers foundation offers volunteer opportunities for sports lovers who are looking to give back to their community and impact the next generation. Get started by filling out the volunteer request form today.