Bring Game Changers To Your School Or Team

Impacting The Community On and Off The Field

The Game Changers Foundation, founded by Rennie Curran, offers a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate your students or athletes through impactful speaking engagements. Our goal is to ignite passion, instill resilience, and foster leadership qualities among young minds.


Team Visits

At the Game Changers Foundation, we believe sports are not only powerful tools for teaching life skills and character development, but that they also serve as catalysts for unification and empowerment. We provide former  athletes who speak on a variety of topics such as leadership, overcoming adversity, teamwork, and more. The talks are engaging, inspiring, and very impactful. Whether your goal is to improve motivation, instill discipline, or drive the importance of character, we can help you deliver the perfect message for your team.



Our free youth camps are lead by seasoned former athletes and focus on developing athletes for success both on and off the field. 

At GCF we know that the skills learned and utilized in playing sports are transferable to many areas of life, including in the classroom and the office. Sports are what we do, the skills we utilize and take beyond the field or court make up parts of who we are.


Our Coaches and Instructors

Our programs are setup to help everyone win. Coaches are able to use their past experiences and insights to impart knowledge to the next generation of athletes. In return they are given the unique opportunity to learn new insights and develop their leadership skills to become Game Changers in their communities.

What Parents Are Saying

"We can’t say enough about our experience with the Game Changers Foundation. If you are looking for a powerful organization to support your student athletes, look no further. You won’t find a better experience of working with former professional athletes with real life lessons to share." - Jerry Stafford, Parent of Student Athlete

Give Back

We provide free motivational speeches, camps, mentorship, and professional development workshops for current and former athletes. Your contributions help us increase our impact in the community.


The Game Changers foundation offers volunteer opportunities for individuals who are looking to give back to their community, gain experience, and impact the next generation. Get started by filling out the volunteer request form today.