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In just their initial session, clients have mentioned experiencing forward movement on visions they have often had for years. In the case of business coaching clients, within just a few minutes of coaching with me, individuals are often able to leave with ideas and practical steps to take their businesses to the next level when it comes to clarity, cash flow, or confidence. A number of career coaching clients have obtained their dream roles during or soon after our coaching together. Audiences where I’ve served as a featured speaker, keynote speaker, or trainer often share that they gain a great deal of value from my presentations that they can immediately apply to their corporate, career, or college vision.

I am a first-generation American, born to two Haitian immigrants in a Miami neighborhood that was experiencing an increase in drugs and violence during my upbringing. However, using some of the same strategies I use with clients, I have committed my life to overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunity and success, speaking at my undergraduate graduation, making my way to an Ivy League University for my Master’s Degree, and causing massive business growth in the business ventures I have been a part of.

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