The Game Changers Foundation

Developing student athletes into future leaders who impact their family, community, and the world.

Helping athletes succeed in sports, business, and life

Founded and led by former professional athlete Rennie Curran, Game Changers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that provides resources to student athletes to become leaders in sports, business, and in life through mentorship and leadership development.

Our Programs

Be A Game Changer

Looking for a way to give back to the next generation of athletes? At the Game Changers Foundation, Current/Former athletes and community leaders have the chance to make a positive impact in the community through our camps, leadership events, and more. Sign Up Today!

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Leadership Development


Our leadership development programs provide a safe safe for current and former athletes to learn and grow from one another, attain life skills, and learn about the world outside of sports.


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One on One Mentorship

Current and former athletes can benefit from having a trusted role model who has been in their position to provide guidance in sports, business, and life. Click the link below to sign up as a mentor or mentee. 


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Camps & Team Speech

 We partner with schools and organizations to provide motivational speeches and free camps lead by current and former athletes to make a positive impact in the community. If you are a coach, principal, or community leader click the button below to work with us.

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The annual event was held in Alpharetta, Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Coaches Association. Attendees included the top players and coaches in the state.

The Game Changers Foundation brought in several former athletes to discuss powerful life lessons and advice to help athlete succeed both on and off the field.


The Athlete 2 Athlete series is hosted by former professional athlete, keynote speaker, leadership coach, and founder of the Game Changers Foundation Rennie Curran.

The series features top former athletes who share powerful tips, tools, and strategies to help you change the game/both on and off the field! Our mission is to help current and former athletes in sports, business, and life

Everything is made possible through our amazing sponsors, the Sports Turf Company

The Issue

Sports cast a wide net of impact: communally, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What we learn in sports can help us define how we interact with others, and how we deal with adversity. They can equip us to tackle life's challenges head on.


of High School Athletes play varsity sports at the college level


of Athletes make it to the professional level after college


of organizations expect a shortfall of leaders in the next five years

Give Back

We provide free motivational speeches, camps, mentorship, and professional development workshops for current and former athletes. Your contributions help us increase our impact in the community.


The Game Changers foundation offers volunteer opportunities for individuals who are looking to give back to their community, gain experience, and impact the next generation. Get started by filling out the volunteer request form today.

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